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XBox Live Gold Member Feedback Animated Video

Posted by mocapnyc
"Thank you for all your hard work last week. We know it was a super long week and we so appreciate you staying until late. We enjoyed working with you and hope to do it again in the near future, but with a much longer timeline!" - XBOX Team 

Explainer Video Script

I use my Gold account every day. It’s just a great way to keep in touch with friends. It’s odd we don’t even really talk on the phone that much, but it just through playing games with each other it feels like we’re staying in touch.

For me having an Xbox Live Gold account lets me stay connected with friends. I signed up for the service because I was tired of playing ALONE in front of a computer.

So my Gold account is very important to me because I play with my friends. It’s a good service and I like what it provides.

I can connect with people from across the world, not just people in my living room.

It means that, er, I can go on-line, play games, it means that I can connect to my son who’s in the Army, and talk to him

The best thing that’s happened to me with the multiplayer is my girlfriend, Who I met through Xbox Live.

It allows you to play all your friends and strangers on-line. It increases a whole new world of game play and competition if you will.

It’s great that you can stay in contact with friends, compare high scores, see how many achievements the other people have. I like playing in a team, playing together and cooperating.

Playing with three of my really good friends from Iraq, who I haven’t seen in a long time, but this kinda gives me a way to stay in touch with them.

We’re playing as a squad, backing each other up, inter-acting, co-ordinating, sharing the same experiences of things more exciting or infuriating, um, the losses and wins kinda felt like they were shared, it’s definitely what made it fun.

Having the access of movies and the sports makes things so much easier, and it’s all it’s great that it’s all in one place.

Netflix and MusicStream, yea, I love watching movies with my friends and chatting about it.

With the music apps, sports apps, film apps, it makes it a hundred times better for me.

The lag issue is absolutely ridiculous. You know, you’re in the middle of a game, bam, connection lost, game lost, reputation lost.

There are people in there that just completely abuse the system, and are really rude.

Dickheads. Just the plethora of dickheads around there, but you’ve just gotta ignore ‘em.

What really pisses me off about it though is definitely the fact that you have to pay

Especially when you see the other services like, er, er, Playstation’s on-line thing has its own access to the same media and it’s free.

You have to pay for it on top of some of the things that you already pay for

If I go on vacation for a month and I don’t use my Xbox at all, I still have to pay.

Why am I paying a license fee to pay a game that I’ve already bought, um, when I’ve got Broadband connection, so? Why pay twice? It’s quite annoying.

It’s my one-stop shop for everything. It’s my entertainment, it’s my game playing, it’s social outlet for me.

It centralizes all of our entertainment options all around the uh our Xbox Xbox Live Gold makes it all simple stream-lined and awesome.