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Whiteboard Video Marketing and How To Stand Out From the Crowd

whiteboard video marketing

Whiteboard video marketing and how to stand out from the crowd is an important consideration these days. Whiteboard video marketing definitely the best bet when you’re looking to make an impression, but given that there are literally thousands of whiteboard videos all competing for eyeballs, what are some surefire ways to make sure that yours will get the attention it deserves?

Let’s take a step back and attempt to demystify whiteboard video marketing. It’s certain that the best whiteboard video marketing is left to people who have more experience than you, but that’s really a question of technical skill and project management. Strip away the software and client service, and what remains? The answer, as usual, is hidden in plain sight: whiteboard videos are stories! Not everyone is a natural storyteller, but the good news is that there are some fundamental rules to good storytelling that anyone can learn. Making use of these guidelines will always produce a better result.

First, even if you’re working on an explainer or how-to video, providing the audience with a character will keep them hooked. People have a psychological tendency to see themselves in characters; identifying with their motivations, rooting for them to succeed, and sharing the thrill of victory in a very definite, visceral way. Did you want Simba from The Lion King to win the throne and rescue the kingdom? Did you want Anna and Elsa from Frozen to be reunited? Did you want Gru in Despicable Me to recognize his inner good guy and take care of the orphan girls? The answer to all three questions is all the proof you need that a character is a winning story device. A character gives your audience a chance to see themselves, and that’s the best possible way to set up a story for maximum impact.

Second, all the best stories tend toward simplicity, and this is true even for gargantuan, classic novels. I’ll bet that, even if you haven’t read it yourself, you can provide a pretty decent summary of what Moby Dick is about. That guy wants to catch the big fish, right? The book itself might consist of thousands of pages, but the basic plot can be grasped even by a child. When planning your whiteboard video, always remember the K.I.S.S. principle: “Keep It Simple, Stupid!” Simplicity will not only help to keep your video short, it will make it infinitely more shareable.

Last, but not least, always make sure that you’re communicating feelings. To keep things simple like we suggested above, it’s helpful to think of your whiteboard video in terms of problem/solution; introduce the audience to the problem, and then follow up with the solution. Don’t just present the audience with information, though, point out why the problem is FRUSTRATING or ANNOYING. Then, when you introduce the solution, be sure to say how much of a RELIEF it is, and how HAPPY the solution makes everyone. Not only are feelings great for engaging an audience, they also give your animators terrific opportunities for great visuals!

Every human being is a natural storyteller, including you. Planning your whiteboard animation is a great opportunity to discover and unlock your own storytelling abilities. Take advantage of it!

Whether you want to sell, explain, or inspire, no matter how difficult, our whiteboard video marketing can help. Contact us today at 917-477-3282 to get started. We’re ready and eager to help!

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