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Why Video is the Most Effective Storytelling Weapon in Your Arsenal

Posted by Steve Day
video-storySince humans first walked the planet, they’ve been using storytelling as a means of engaging others and connecting with them on an emotional level. And you know storytelling is an effective tool for content marketing when presented in explainer video format, especially when compared to banner ads that don’t exactly inspire emotion. Animated images have an impact beyond words, which is why so many marketers use them to tell the stories of their companies, their people, and their offerings. So why are explainer videos so successful at engaging prospects?

A short video conveys so much more than words

While a picture’s worth a thousand words, an explainer video packs a much stronger punch – around 1.8 million according to a marketing study conducted by Forrester Research. There’s no better way to increase a viewer’s understanding of your company’s offerings than by showing them with visual aids accompanied by audio. Maybe it’s because they retain information longer when it’s presented in video format, or maybe it’s because the emotion you communicate through animated video is contagious. Either way, the value of video is a bonus for publishers who seek to make a lasting impression with their content.

Plus, there’s a reason YouTube is the number two search engine after Google. People prefer video over text-based content in most cases, especially when the topic is a product or service.

Explainer videos allow you to have a little fun

Try to spin your sense of humor via text, and you risk coming across as callous or unprofessional; on the other hand, adding some creativity and fun to a video enables you to establish a personal connection. Your goal is to be memorable, knowing that many of the viewers who watch your video are at the top of the sales funnel and not yet ready to buy. So you can tell a joke, sing a jingle or be yourself without worries that you’re alienating your target audience.

You can’t argue with statistical proof

If the opportunity to have fun and get your message through more effectively isn’t enough, take a look at some numerical evidence.
  • 46% of the people who view an explainer video take action of some sort:
  • A quarter will look for more information
  • Over one-fifth will visit the website mentioned in the call to action
  • 12% will purchase the product advertised
  • 64% of those who view a video on a company’s offerings will buy it
  • Three-quarters of C-Suite executives view business-related videos online at least once a week
  • An average user spends almost 17 minutes per month consuming video marketing content

Beyond the value of these statistics alone, it’s interesting to note the impact of the demographics behind them. Across the board in terms of age – from 18 to 54 – users are heavily turning to video as a resource when researching products and for entertainment purposes.

When you know that storytelling is one of the driving forces behind the popularity of explainer videos, you have a very powerful marketing tool at your disposal. The best part is that explainer videos allow your creativity and sense of humor to shine, much more personally and effectively than the written word. The key is making sure you’re conveying the right story to your audience, which means knowing what they want to hear.


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