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"Everything else is awesome; yes, inducing awe. Great work"
        - AE Petsche

Our video for AE Petsche showcasing its collection of military-grade wire cables.

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Our video for Erdie's Altaboard - a hardened cardboard which replaces real wood. Besides being lighter, it allows for customized building using irregularly shaped Altaboard pieces.

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Our video for Wrightspeed's electric Powertrain, a truck which can burn both diesel and natural gas, and recharges through an innovative braking system.

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"Wow. We are very impressed. Client was elated. Beyond expectations. "
        - Mobil

Our video for Mobil Delvac’s lubricants – superior oil for trucks and big rigs.

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The issue with Manufacturing Training Videos - Representing the Employee

If you are reading this blog then you are probably frustrated with Manufacturing Training and visual media. When it comes to various forms of company training there are often a lot of stake holders. Art by it’s nature has a personal flare. But if there are too many cooks in the kitchen, a project can be pulled in many different directions and originality can be lost. Multiple approvals also hold up schedules, add to budget, and even kill projects. It is easy to give up hope.

Two main choices Film and Animation
The first choice to make is between filming the video or animating the video. The first thing to note is the cost for Film and Animation is relatively the same. Here is a simple list of the pros and cons. 

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