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3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Pharma Marketing

If you are reading this post then you are probably frustrated with Pharma marketing. It's not as glamorous as fashion or as cool as tech but it when using the right tools, tone and imagery it can be just as eye catching. We breakdown some common issues regarding visual media and the Pharma Industry and ways to overcome them.



Within Pharma marketing there are many obstacles to overcome, relaying uncommon medical information, difficult terminology, warnings and specific directions. These messages must be very thoughtful and relayed in the appropriate medium using an appropriate tone.

Red Tape

Regulations within the Pharma industry are very strict and wording  as well was appropriate warnings very much dictate what can and cannot be said in much of Pharma marketing. Getting approval is sometimes a campaign killer extending deadlines and adding to your budget. It is easy to want to lose hope, but with so many people at stake you must find a way to meet regulators guidelines and produce a quality campaign that serves its intended purpose whether to investors, consumers or businesses. 

Art by Committee

Avant-garde ideas must go! When it comes to Pharma artistic styling, bizarre concepts can not only lead to confusion, but can offend. Stylizing chronic conditions can dehumanize health related issues and the people that suffer from them.

Representing The Patient

No one wants to be reminded of their deficits or treated differently because of it. Similarly in Pharma marketing, patients are represented as either too cute which trivializes their condition or too dark which over dramatizes the condition. Finding the right tone and medium in which to represent your campaign is important. You must be sensitive to the fact that these are real people, family members, friends and loved ones. 

Avoiding Pitfalls in Pharma  Marketing

With advancing technology in illustration, animation and special effects representing patients in a human way is possible and much less expensive than hiring models or actors. Software also allows for greater flexibility when dealing with regulatory approvals, edits are a synch and audio and text can be utilized. Detailed information is also more digestible when provided with visual and audio aides.

One of the more fun added bonuses is the ability to use special effects, adding some magic to any Pharma message. Animation has become the best solution for avoiding pitfalls in Pharma marketing using visual media. 


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