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Whiteboard drawing video and it’s origins is a vast topic; far too vast, honestly, for a humble blog post.

Nevertheless, it’s fascinating to speculate on exactly how whiteboard drawing video developed, where it came from, and even where it may be headed. Considering these ideas can help you refine what your whiteboard drawing video is meant to do and how we can best assist you.

We already know that whiteboard video is essentially storytelling, and storytelling is as old as the human race itself. In prehistoric times, people would draw on the walls of caves to record their hunting expeditions or the size of their tribe. The cave drawings didn’t move, of course, but there’s clearly a connection between them and current-day whiteboard drawing video, especially when you consider the simplicity factor. On the one hand, cave drawings could be seen as a relatively primitive form of communication, but, then again, good communication is all about keeping thing as simple as possible. Ironically, the cavemen had it right all along!

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