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There's no denying it, some things are just hard to get a handle on. Luckily, Whiteboard Animation is here to help put those complicated subjects into video format, rather than have an expansive text block that makes you feel like you're drowning between the lines. 

Below are our Top 10 videos that tackle an enormous amount of information, and bring it to life in a much more understandable way. Starting with #10, this post works its way from confusing to downright disorienting, and illustrates our unique process of making difficult topics not only more accessible, but also more engaging. 



Ever wonder how an employee's salary is determined? It can be as challenging as you would think, but in this video we teamed up with Olympus to break down just what they look at when deciding the fair amount of pay an employee deserves.


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Bispecific T cell Engager (BiTE®) technology is designed to bind polyclonal cytotoxic T cells and targeted malignant cells1,2,8

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