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Why whiteboard explainer videos are popular isn’t easy to summarize.To begin with, it’s important to establish that video in general is not only hugely popular, it now happens to be the primary means that most companies use to advertise and communicate. Consider the following statistics:


  • The use of video as a marketing tool has seen a steady increase since 2017, when only 63% of companies used video, to 87% of companies in 2019.
  • More than three quarters (83%) of marketers believe that video delivers a good return on investment.
  • 90% of online shoppers cite video as a key factor in making purchasing decisions.
  • 99% of businesses plan to continue using video, and 88% say they will be spending more than they had been in the past.

Based on those numbers, video itself is the go-to strategy for businesses around the world and will only continue to grow. But, again, why are whiteboard explainer videos so popular? What’s so special about that particular type of animation?

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