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We live in a DIY (Do it yourself) world.  Using nothing more than a humble laptop, people can write novels, edit feature films, and record music—all with an ease and flexibility that the creators of the past could never have imagined.  If you don’t believe me about any of this, just visit your nearest coffee shop to see the artists at work. ;-) 

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How to make the best Whiteboard Video in seven steps.
1. Craft the Message
2. Decide the length
3. The Animation process

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Whiteboard videos and your production timeline don’t have to be mysterious. In fact, they synchronize in a very predictable way. The ideal timeline for a whiteboard video is exactly five weeks:

Week 1: Script review with producer
Week 2: Style frames delivered to client
Week 3: Producer delivers storyboard to client
Week 4: Animation in progress
Week 5: Final animation delivered

The above formula for our whiteboard videos has been perfected over several years; it allows just enough time to include experimentation, rendering and contingencies. It’s proven to be the perfect soup-to-nuts model for this particular industry.

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