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Video whiteboard services offer you a great chance to go viral, and that’s a powerful idea. Please bear in mind, though, the key word here is “chance.” What makes a video go viral is far from an exact science; a multitude of different factors come into play, and many of them are beyond your control. For now, though, let’s consider some of the factors that actually are within your control, and take a look at why whiteboard videos are more likely to be a hit than other, more common types of video content.

Going viral is a hugely attractive proposition for companies because it means their brand becoming a genuine phenomenon; something that people enjoy and want to share. One of the best examples of the viral power of video whiteboard is The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, or RSA. In 2010 the RSA began using it’s enormous library of lecture assets to create a series of video whiteboard called RSA Animates. By 2011 the RSA videos had captured 46 million views and RSA Animates had become the #1 nonprofit channel on YouTube. It’s clear that whiteboard videos have a superb chance of going viral, but what are the elements that can lead to a success story like the RSA?

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