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Whiteboard explainer videos and selecting the right music track is a topic that we could spend hours on. If you’ve ever attended a sporting event, or seen a film, or even played a video game, you already know the importance of music. Music moves us in a way that words and even visuals cannot. There’s no simple answer as to why, but music can make us laugh, cry or experience fear almost effortlessly. Music really is magic.

Not all whiteboard explainer videos feature music, but those that do may have a slight edge in terms of keeping the audience’s attention and being memorable. The right music track will tie everything together and play a huge role in determining how the audience will feel about (and during!) your video, so it’s something you’ll want to give serious consideration to before production begins. What should you do, though, if you’re not a grammy-winning musician? What are the most effective ways for a layperson to think about music in terms of their whiteboard explainer video?

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