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The limits of whiteboard video software are important to discuss and important for clients to understand. While it’s always tempting to opt for a solution that—at least on the surface—seems cheaper, there are a number of different reasons why it might not be a good idea. In fact, in the long run using whiteboard video software could end up being a more expensive option, and that’s always a mistake.

If you’re old enough to remember (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) the 1990s, you’ll recall that it was the first time computers really seemed to deliver on their potential. Sure, computers were commonplace long before then, but it took until the 1990s for computers to become truly powerful. Better CPUs, bigger hard drives, and more memory had finally manifested the digital workhorses we’d always dreamt of. Developers were quick to step up and provide apps that could take advantage of these new capabilities. What followed was an explosion of DIY software, including classics like GarageBand, Windows Movie Maker, and countless others. These were the programs that democratized creativity and made it accessible to everyone. It was a brave new world.

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