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Don't take your boat out without knowing this!

Posted by Ben Capitano


"Oh no! The boat won't start!" is not something you want to catch yourself saying this summer. The good people at http://www.boatus.com want to help you stay safe and save money this boating season. 


Bob enjoys boating with his friends and family on the weekends. But sometimes the unpredidictable happens.


Times like these you shouldn't have to stress about what to do or who to call for help. Bob doesn't have to worry, because he has five different easy ways to contact the Boat US dispatch center for help. With Vessel Assist in the western US and Tow Boat us in the eastern US you'll never be stranded on the water. 


Because Bob has a boat US membership, with unlimited towing he doesn't have to pay a penny for the tow. Join now to enjoy worry free boating year round! 

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