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The Scoop On Branded Football Videos

Posted by Steve Day
Football videos

Football, or soccer if you're an American, is inarguably the biggest sport in the entire world at the moment. An international audience of millions watches dozens of games every single week, and athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo have the adoration of billions. And considering the world goes to YouTube, football videos have an enormous audience. So how can you tap into football fever?

Know The Audience

First of all, you need to know your audience. Football fans are predominantly men, predominantly younger, and focused in the UK, US, and Brazil. Yes, we said the US. Despite the long-running joke that Americans prefer American football, the rising popularity of Major League Soccer and America's willingness to embrace people from around the world has meant an enormous surge in football fandom in America.

So, before you consider a branded football video, you need to ask yourself what audience you want to reach, and make sure your video will tap into football's built-in popularity.

Engage The Audience

Part of the appeal of football is that it really is an international sport; it crosses languages, cultures, and even political divides. So when building your football campaign, don't hesitate to reach out to the audience for ideas, feedback, and even for contributions to the videos you're putting together. In some cases a sheer display of skill from an unknown can catch enormous amounts of attention, and cheerful rivalries can make everyone excited for match day.

It's About Personality

Before doing any branded video, keep in mind that in many cases it's as much about the athlete as it is about the game. For example, Ronaldo starred in one of the most widely shared viral ads this year, where he played soccer with passers-by while in disguise. Similarly, football fans will tend to react well to comedians gently teasing the game, playing up rivalries, and otherwise playing into the plugged-in football culture. Some brands even put together highlight reels for players and see an usual amount of success.

Having a personality, or at least a team behind your video, will help to give it focus and draw fans to your content. So when you're thinking about making a football video, don't make it generic; find a personality or a team you want to theme a video around.

Football videos

Don't Forget The Game

Amid all this, you should remember it's about the game. Football fans are enormously passionate and their knowledge of the intimate details of how the game is played, who plays it, and its history can take you off guard. Before getting in on the football video craze, make a point of carefully researching what you're going to put out there. If you're not on point, fans will know and make sure you know they know.

Football videos are only going to rise in popularity; the sport's growing rapidly and some of its biggest personalities are growing with it, drawing more attention and raising the profile of football. Just remember that when you're appealing to the fans that your enthusiasm for the game should be genuine; they'll know if it isn't.

Want to explore the possibilities of football in your campaign? Contact us and we'll help you design a campaign for the most hardcore football fan.

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