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WSOP Reveals Secret to Success: Behind the Scenes

Posted by Ben Capitano

Just in time for the start of the upcoming World Series of Poker championship, www.wsop.com has revealed their secrets to success in the game, and in life.  

Did you know that playing a simple game that people have enjoyed for centuries – could help you be happier and more successful? You don't have to be born into money, or get an Ivy League education, or take a magic success pill. Just by playing, you'll learn some powerful lessons in how to approach life and make decisions.

For example, you've probably heard this before: They’ve got a good poker face. Successful people always seem cool and collected. And that’s because they don't let instant emotional responses control their decision-making. Instead, they focus on rational and calculated approaches to problem-solving. Sometimes, you just need to sleep on a decision to let the emotional response run its course.

Now, business deals can be risky. So if you base your decisions on fear, you'll usually end up taking the safe bet. But often you need to take a leap of faith and go all in – and that means taking action, despite being scared. 


Maybe you’re feeling unhappy and stuck at your job. You know you could find something better, but you’ve gotten too comfortable. What if you don’t find anything? Feel the fear, but do it anyways. Believe in yourself, and pull the trigger.

And it's important to learn how not to show your hand. Whenever you can, watch and listen before acting. Never underestimate the power of letting someone else start a discussion. Absorb the relevant points, then give back just enough – not everything. Don’t show all your cards. This doesn’t mean being dishonest. It just means playing it smart.

And, look, sometimes you're going to fail. It's just part of the game. But failure is feedback. Ask yourself: Did I make the right decision? What could I have done better? Experience is the mother of all teachers, and failure is a part of it. But no matter what, don’t let it discourage you. Sometimes you have to lose now, to win later.


And finally – get comfortable with playing the hand you’re dealt. Worrying or complaining about the things you can't change is a waste of time and energy.

So recognize that limits or weaknesses can also be blessings in disguise. Jump over your hurdles. Run around them. Knock them down.

These are key llfe lessons that you can learn without stepping into a classroom or paying a guru. But if you practice them a little bit every day, you can change your life.

Believe it or not, these are the same lessons that the world’s best poker players use every time they sit down to play a game. And you can do it too – all it takes is a deck of cards and a few friends. So deal yourself in – and give Poker a try.



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