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Animation Studio Utopia

Colloquially the word space and place are used interchangeably, when really they should be used in association to one another. Space describes the lack of a physical molecular structure and the latter is what gives individual meaning and value to a particular location. ideaMACHINE Studio tightly harnesses its work environment, carefully determining what types of systems will ensure comfort and efficiency.

From one room at the back of a church in the Lower East Side, we have come a long way and now cover 3 floors and work alongside 50+ team members. It’s this expansion that truly converted an underutilized space into a place where ingenuity and hard work fills each room.

Key attributes of a successful place consist of: sociability, activity, and an image; Each encouraging collaborative efforts that shape a company’s holistic vision.

Lets Take a Digital Tour

Sociability: You’ll find our animation studio to be very open and spacious, as we have zero tolerance for cubicles. While still securing their own desks, artists work side by side in rows with no dividers in their E5DBC621-0B7C-4CCB-9CDE-B9B4C462A43Dperimeter. This has been proven to have multiple benefits as illustrators are able to be easily inspired by their surroundings.

Additionally, it has notably increased internal appraisal, as well as minimized the negative connotation that comes along with critique. If the team is able to give feedback in a more informal, day-to-day setting, when a scheduled review period comes around, there will be less commentary; AKA quality products fast.

Our more secluded spaces include rooms sectioned off by glass walls. That breaks the noise, but lets us visually stay connected, an accountable.This is where our directors, HR, and financial teams grind. This sort of design anticipates heavy internal thinking or the need to make phone calls. Still, it keeps the people in these roles approachable and reaffirms when they are free to talk about pressing matters.

Activity: It is probably assumed that because we are a digital animation studio, our eyes are glued to the E62E4BB4-F55B-4307-A3A1-70BB87C28851screen. Well we have some other passions as well and can always find something to do during a well deserved break. Animation is our forte, so it’s guaranteed that we frequently lay out guidelines for drawing contests.

Also, Employees can make a visit to our top arcade, whoops we mean floor* if they feel like challenging one of the pong masters who train 5/7 days of the week. On Seamless Wednesdays, people flock to floor five to divulge in a company sponsored group order. “Can I have a bite of that,” is sure to be said with all the tasty deliveries.

The communal kitchens located on each floor are a recipe for engagement since they host our monthly bake offs. Catching up to the motion of the studio is nearly impossible given that members are always coming up with new pastimes.

Image: Unlike many other company’s, our animation studio avoids repetition of slogans and icons. Yes, we have a logo but our studio is branded unconventionally. There are endless examples of how different artists around the studio have taken our logo and made it even more riveting. The light bulb struck by lightning is a device that helps clients remember more than our name, it helps clients remember what we stand for. Just as heavy of an emphasis is placed on process as it is on final product. By showcasing paintings of our logos in our offices as well as the ways in which they were made mirror these values.

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