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The Holidays: A Time for Sharing - Sharing Online Videos

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Ready for holiday videos?

The holidays are here, and everyone's looking to get into the spirit. However, you might find yourself wondering how to tap into the joy of the season without coming off as cheesy or fading into the tinsel-covered crowd. Here's how your video can stand out in the joyous season.

'Tis The Season For Sincerity

Funny, edgy videos are popular online, sure, but think about the holiday videos you've seen and that you're most likely to share. Were they snappy comedy bits, or were they more emotional? The holidays are a time of year when even the most sarcastic teenager and edgy comedy fan softens around the edges and wants to see something honest and sincere. So as you're developing your video, keep that in mind; humor is good, but make it warm and have an emotional payoff at the end. For example, Hallmark's advertising campaign is themed around the parents we all know (and in some cases actually are), but the entire point is that even parents who get way too into it still love their kids:

What Do the Holidays Mean To You?

If there was ever a time of year where being heartfelt was important, the holidays are it. So start with the meaning of the season to you as a person. What do you enjoy most about this time of year? Being with friends on the holidays? Visiting with family you wish you saw that much more often? Stepping back from the day-to-day craziness and enjoying a little time on the couch with the people you love? Focus on what you want most out of the season, and start there.

Make It About The Everyday

Realistically, the appeal of the holidays isn't about glitz and glamour; how often do you tune into whatever celebrity extravaganza is running on a holiday on TV? You probably don't even notice, and for once, what applies to television also applies to online video. Your video's going to draw a lot more attention for focusing on families and friends instead of celebrities and flashiness. Even if you go a little splashier, like Bud's recent popular collection of ads starring puppies, it's still more grounded and relatable to people than a pop singer in a sequined jumpsuit.

Be Up Front

If you pay attention to popular holiday videos, you'll notice something unusual: Even the hipper, trendier brands who try to downplay their involvement in an ad will be loud and proud in front of their holiday advertising. And mainstream brands go all out:

It's thanks to the season. While occasionally you can get away with subtly working your brand into a video, the holidays are usually a time to set that aside. Even if you're producing a short video that just incidentally features your product, people will notice that you're playing on their emotions and will read any attempt to pretend you're not doing at least a little marketing as insincere.

Even if you just throw a big splashy title card with a holiday theme at the end for your brand, make a point of getting in there and being honest about who's paying for the video your audience is enjoying. Besides, it's a fun way to show off your brand and tie it into the season yet again. So don't waste time, contact us now to learn more.

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