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Whiteboard Animation Services For All Industries

Whiteboard animation services can be applied to practically any industry. We’re constantly experimenting and creating styles tailored towards specific enterprises. We write to inform you about which of our innovative tactics have worked and for whom.


The Healthcare Industry

A big problem that the healthcare industry faces when advertising their services is that, for the most part, the general public does not have a concrete understanding of internal bodily problems. Even if they do, people typically don’t want to discuss said problems because of the graphics that are initially presented. Whiteboard animation services have helped many confront conversations about their health by being conscious of potential human triggers. Internal organs aren’t something that humans are accustomed to seeing everyday, so viewing one in a commercial can be startling. Queue* turning off the tv or exiting out of the current tab*. Here at the studio, we avoid derailing client engagement by creating sensitive representations of pain and internal characters that appear more human like and approachable. 



The Pharmaceutical Industry

When you’re younger It’s acceptable to call medicine a magical potion and get away with it. You’re adorable and you don’t know any better. As an adult you still may not know any better.. Many pharmaceutical advertisements contain a ton of important information that is mandatory to share. Yet, translation is lost in wordy descriptions and concepts so microscopic they are hard to imagine. Bottom line, consumers don’t actually understand what is being sold to them. To tackle this problem, our studio uses the rule of three writing principle. We strive to shave down text in order to incorporate only the most important detail. Along the way we encourage the audience to actually read that text by accompanying it with appealing designed bullet points that gravitate the eye, but do not compete with content. This was heavily incorporated in a project we previously worked on with Transcelerate. How many groups of three you can spot?



When it comes to entertainment, there is not much information that needs to be deeply analyzed. An audience typically stays glued to the screen anticipating more visual satisfaction. During a media based video, Whiteboard Animation services intermittently display graphics on the screen. This technique allows viewers to constantly have something to look at. For this reason, they are less likely to navigate to another company’s content because their interest will be peaked at all times. Further, the video is likely to be re-watched by the same person. The human eye has a very narrow range of focus, yet its peripherals work wonders. If at one instance they are focused on a moving text but are aware they are missing some other alluring graphic, they may start the video over to catch a glimpse at what’s going on at the other side of the screen. Ultimately this boosts viewer activity and makes your brand more widely recognized.




When selling a product, it is crucial to present it in the most accurate way possible. Consumers buy products that are dependable and live up to expectations. For this reason, when collaborating with merchandise driven companies, we tend to animate around the commodity versus replacing the product with a drawing itself. Our Cheerio commercial below is a prime example of how successful said approach can be. This particular scene displays the cereal graphically eaten away to announce its new option. By doing so, the message is delivered in a spontaneous way that is actually achievable.Trying to spell out gluten free with real-life Cheerios would require quite the appetite and patience.




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