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Whiteboard Video Companies Are The Ideal Solution When Another PowerPoint Presentation Just Won’t Do

whiteboard video companies

Whiteboard video companies are the ideal solution when another PowerPoint presentation just won’t do. PowerPoint still has a place, and more than likely it always will, but there are a number of reasons why it isn’t the go-to business communications solution that it once was.

Almost everyone, even if they’re not in the business world, knows what PowerPoint is and why it’s useful, but not too many people know the history of the software. PowerPoint was originally developed by two men—Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin—back in the 1980s at a startup called Forethought, Inc. PowerPoint was specifically designed to take advantage of the cutting-edge graphics capabilities of innovative new computers like the Apple Macintosh. The idea was to create a simple program that could be used by anyone to create high-quality presentation decks. If you’ve ever watched a Mad Men episode featuring Don Draper conducting a business pitch accompanied by a slideshow, that’s exactly what PowerPoint was meant to replace.

So where did whiteboard videos companies come from? Well, right from the beginning everyone knew that PowerPoint was brilliant software, but it might never have become the ubiquitous business tool we know today if it hadn’t been purchased by Microsoft in 1987 and later incorporated into the suite of programs known as Microsoft Office. While it wasn’t an initial success, PowerPoint slowly gained traction, and, by the late nineties, it owned a whopping 78% of the graphics presentation software market. Suddenly it seemed that no business presentation was complete without a little help from PowerPoint. It had truly become a low-key cultural phenomenon, eventually spreading beyond the business world into schools, courtrooms, churches, government, and even art projects. PowerPoint was everywhere.

And maybe that’s the root of the problem. By becoming immensely popular, PowerPoint had a chance to became stale. People became used to PowerPoint, and when people become used to something, they often stop paying attention. Without necessarily even realizing it, people began craving a fresh solution for presentations, and that’s when whiteboard video companies had a chance to step up.

But there’s another disadvantage of PowerPoint that most people don’t consider. PowerPoint is software that was designed to be used by anyone, and it certainly delivers on that promise. PowerPoint is quick, intuitive and versatile, but it isn’t necessarily collaborative; entire PowerPoints are created without the people involved consulting anyone outside their bubble. Whiteboard video companies, on the other hand, offer a chance for other people to add their creativity into the mix. Sometimes the best way to keep things interesting is to bring in another perspective, and that’s where whiteboard video companies excel. Commissioning whiteboard video companies might be scary because it means giving up control, but it also means that you gain something different, fresh, and professional. Sometimes, it takes an outsider’s voice to help you express yourself the best.

Whether you want to sell, explain, or inspire, no matter how difficult, our whiteboard video company can help. Contact us today at 917-477-3282 to get started. We’re ready and eager to help!

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