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What A Whiteboard Video Company Should Do

whiteboard video company

What a whiteboard video company should do actually depends a great deal on the client and how they want to approach a project. Every client is different, and even when working with a repeat client, there will be different agendas for each project. It’s a bit of a moving target, but, essentially, a whiteboard video company should be capable of adapting to changing needs with ease. Even when there are surprises, they shouldn’t come as a surprise to your team.

Your whiteboard video company should be your collaborator. They won’t necessarily know what you want before you express it, but they’ll be able to adapt to whatever style is going to work best. For instance, some clients will want to be involved with every step of the process, taking time to review the script and style frames carefully, review every element with their colleagues, and solicit feedback from everyone on the team to ensure that every box is ticked.

Other whiteboard video clients prefer a more hands-off approach. It’s enough for them to come up with the initial ideas and provide an overall sense of how the completed whiteboard video should look; they don’t feel any particular need to be involved with the rest of the process. And, of course, often clients who start out with a more granular approach will, given time and additional projects, eventually find a groove where they feel comfortable allowing the white board company to work with greater independence.

Either way, your whiteboard video company should be capable of matching the style that suits you best. And, even for the more hands-off clients, it’s important to remember that a good whiteboard video company will always keep you in the loop. They’re not precious, they don’t want to sideline or outshine the client, they will work to keep you informed and make sure that you understand the process. If at any time they say something along the lines of, “don’t worry about it, I’ll explain later,” then they’re not the right fit for you!

And, along with being superb, creative animators who can deliver great work on-time, a good whiteboard video company should have world-class communication skills. How does this manifest? A good team will have the ability to work with a client to tease out ideas, offer alternatives, and keep the conversation flowing. If you consult a whiteboard video company and they ask a lot of questions, that’s the best possible sign because it means they’re assessing ideas, considering different approaches, and determining what is the best way forward with a particular idea. That’s the essence of great collaboration, and it’s what you should be looking for.

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