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Animated Video Production Always Relies On A Great Script

whiteboard video production

Whiteboard video production always relies on a great script, but who should write it?

In a way, scriptwriting is like an alphabet-based version of a whiteboard video production; everything starts with a blank slate that must eventually be filled with something truly special to communicate, entertain, and leave an impression. Many people, though, find writing difficult and mysterious. If you’re one of those people, how should you approach the question of writing when it comes to your whiteboard video?

The word expertise is basically defined as a skill or knowledge in a specific field. When you approach a whiteboard video production company about a project, it’s because you trust that they know their business; they have an expertise that you don’t. So, when it comes to scriptwriting, place a bit of that trust in yourself.

Whether it’s nuclear physics, patent law, or international shipping, chances are that you’re in a particular business because you’ve dedicated considerable time to it and become, in your own way, an expert in that field. That’s why a whiteboard video production company will usually look to you to provide at least the initial draft of a script. Even if you don’t know quite how to express it, you know the thoughts, concepts and call-to-action that are important. The whiteboard video production company will trust your expertise to create the outline that will eventually become the finished video.

As you start to work on your draft script, here are a few tips that will come in handy. Remembering these will improve the quality of your script and ensure that it easily translates into a great whiteboard video:

Pretend you’re speaking to only one person; explain things to them and then write what comes to mind. This is a very common technique used by people who have difficulty giving speeches, and it works equally well for organizing your thoughts while writing.

Read your script out loud to hear what it sounds like. You can even try recording your speech to play back and time to get an idea of how long your video will be.

Use imagery! For instance, if you’re talking about a lot of something, maybe it could “fill a football stadium” or “stretch all the way to the moon and back three times.” The more imagery you can provide, that means more raw ideas for your whiteboard video production team to build from.

Once you’ve provided a draft script, a whiteboard video production will enter the next phase, which is really all about translation. The company you’ve selected will assess and find ways to translate the material you’ve provided them into an effective whiteboard video. Along the way, they’ll make tweaks, additions, and even suggest wholesale revisions, but the video itself it will always retain your direction, tone and substance. It will always be your story, even though someone else is bringing it to life!

Whether you want to sell, explain, or inspire, no matter how difficult, our whiteboard video production company can help. Contact us today at 917-477-3282 to get started. We’re ready and eager to help!

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